Application Lifecycle Management

Polarion ALM gives organizations one unified solution that delivers project transparency through real-time aggregated management information..


Polarion ALM

  • Facilitate synchronicity and easy access via 100% Browser-Based Access to All Polarion Data
  • Enable real-time communication between Analysts, Engineers, QA Members and DevOps Teams, etc. via threaded discussions, wikis, notifications, alerts & more
  • Pass any audit, compliance, or regulatory inspection with traceability that is easily implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control of every requirement
  • Manage work items and documents  via workflows that enforce how and when they move from state to state based on definable rules, with full audit trails, electronic signature and security
  • Time Machine – Browse, search and report any historical state of your project just like you do the current state
  • Use Native Clustering For Load Balancing and Failover Strategies
  • Leverage Out-Of-The-Box Integrations and Open APIs to Extend Functionality

Unified Test Management Solution

Leverage the flexibility of our unified testing platform for any type of testing methodology, tool and team. Small groups benefit from rapid team organization in one environment. Quickly start projects with pre-defined templates that are process light and customizable.

Enterprise QA departments can run unlimited number of projects adhering to very structured testing cycles, combined with a diverse ecosystem of both automated and manual testing activities, while keeping everything in synch and fully traceable.

Quickly meet all test management needs, while centralizing every testing activity in one central repository with multi-directional traceability to assure quality.

Everything You Need to Accelerate Innovation

In legacy software development environments, many different point solutions are used to manage the application lifecycle. As a result, development artefacts are scattered, slowing down collaboration, hindering transparency, undermining integrity and making it difficult to drive innovation. Polarion ALM gives organizations one unified solution that delivers project transparency through real-time aggregated management information. Everyone is aligned around what is being built and why to drive advancement while protecting integrity and compliance. This helps teams respond faster and with better quality to new business opportunities and customer demands. 



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